Mobile Client

Leverage our expertise and provide your clients with a mobile application to give them the best user experience when using our SCADA cloud.

Remote Control

Monitor and Control all your site from one location. Once your devices are connected to the cloud, they are all simply a click away. All this from the comfort of your home.

User Configuration

Our platform enables your end users to define there own alarm conditions, contact lists, and notification sequences. Notifications can be delivered via email, sms text messages, or voice phone calls.


Resellers have secure access to remote gateway devices. This allows for gateway software updates and some configuration changes without visiting remote sites.



Our platform can be used to remotely monitor or control anything given the right adapters.   Testing of our platform began with water, wastewater, and radio transmitter sites.   The system has been delivering mission critical notifications and providing remote control to these customers for over four years.   Grain storage, chemical storage, wells, and generators have been identified as other markets for our platform. Feedback from end users of our system:

..water system user…

I had been running our wells for over 10 years, but I didn’t really have a complete understanding of my system until I saw the trend charts showing the how the whole thing works.)

..lift station user…

I’ve saved over 5 times the cost of the system by knowing when my lift station pumps were becoming less efficient.   Seeing the average current draw increase tells me exactly when I need to pull my pumps for servicing, and having the notifications to my cell phone gives me peace of mind that I will know when something goes wrong in plenty of time to fix it.   EPA should require these monitors on every lift station!  -