To conserve bandwidth and only deliver the most relevant data to the end-user we worked with one reseller to create the following plug-in for our SCADA Gateway. The full Python source for this plug-in is available right here. Contact our support department for help in developing a plugin for your specific application.

from pluginBase import baseModule

class AverageCurrentModule(baseModule):

    # this module is setup to get the average current for a pump.   In the setup it was written for,
    # there is one CT monitoring all current, and two pumps setup to alternate.   The pumps are monitored
    # on status inputs 1 and 2, and the current transformer is hooked to analog 3.

    def __init__(self):
        self.last_data_pack = "0,0,0"
        self.data_pack = self.last_data_pack = "Lift Station Avg Amps"

        self.current_txfrmr = 1                 # analog input current tranformer is connected to
        self.pump_status  = (1,2)               # list of inputs that indicate the pump is on
        self.current_list = []                  # an empty list to hold the current readings

        self.record_mode        = False                 # flag to indicate if we are recording

    def update(self,in_data_pack,force,devicemgr,device_list):

        self.data_pack = in_data_pack
        pump_on_flag = False                            # clear pump on flag
        for status in self.pump_status:         # check each pump status
            if self.getStatus(status) == 1:     # if any pump status is on
                pump_on_flag = True                     # set the pump_on_flag flag on.

        if pump_on_flag:                                # if any pump is on
            #print "pump on recording"
            self.record_mode = True                     # set record mode flag to true
            self.current_list.append(self.getAnalog(self.current_txfrmr))       # record the current reading to ram

        if not pump_on_flag and self.record_mode:               # if all the pumps have gone  off and record mode is set
            print "pump off reporting"
            print "recordings", self.current_list
            self.record_mode = False                    # clear record mode
            if len(self.current_list) > 10:                     # make sure we recorded at least 10 readings
                avg = sum(self.current_list[4:-4])/len(self.current_list[4:-4])  # average the readings starting with the forth reading and leave out the last 4
                avg = 0                          # not enough readings set the avg to zero
            self.current_list = []                              # clear the recorded readings
            self.updateAnalog(self.current_txfrmr, avg) ## put the average into the datapack in place of current transformer value

            return (self.data_pack,True)            ## send the new modified datapack as a forced server update

        self.updateAnalog(self.current_txfrmr, 0) ## force face to zero normally
        return (self.data_pack, force)          # force the datapack